Breakthrough Breast Cancer : Great Pink Bake Off


Nine years ago my mother was diagnosed with Grade 3 Breast Cancer. It was a grueling few months, during which she had an operation to remove the lump, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. After she was placed on Tamoxifen for five years. She came through thanks to the awesome team of doctors and nurses who were in charge of her care. Shortly afterwards my Grandmother was diagnosed with Grade 1 Breast Cancer. She also came through just fine despite being in her 80s. Both my mother and grandmother are still in, but many years ago my great uncle did die of breast cancer.  Once the Big C enters your life it never really leaves – and it is for this reason I have always taken it upon myself to support some of the better causes to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. When I received the following from Break through Breast Cancer naturally I jumped at the chance!

This video was put together to highlight what we do here at Breakthrough, research, and to help us recruit people to join in the Great Pink Bake Off. I’d also like to point out that no real scientists were used in the film.

Not everyone is as lucky as my family.  Every month in the UK 1,000 women die from breast cancer, so Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s work has never been more important. We’re leading the way in discovering new treatments, improving diagnosis and identifying ways to prevent breast cancer from developing at all.

Great-Pink-Bake-Off-RGB-300dpi-3On Friday 18th October simply gather your friends, family and colleagues to bring their baked goodies and ask everyone who attends to make a donation. If 18th October doesn’t work for you then you can hold a Bake Off anytime, anywhere, during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a piece of cake!

Jane Asher, Great Pink Bake Off ambassador, says: “Everybody knows someone affected by breast cancer – so I’m urging everyone to join the Great Pink Bake Off on Friday 18th October and get baking to help support this fantastic organisation.

“Simply ask your friends and family to bring their homemade treats, make a donation and decide whose bake is best. As well as having lots of fun, it’ll be satisfying to know that all the money you raise will go towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s vital work. Do join me: sign up today and help us save lives. Visit or call 08080 100 200.”

Every penny raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer is absolutely vital in making a real difference to the lives of the 50,000 women and 400 men diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK alone. Breakthrough funds a quarter of breast cancer research in the UK – that’s 270 scientists across the country working to beat this disease. Although more people than ever before are surviving breast cancer, 1,000 UK women are still dying from the disease each month – which is why we desperately need everybody’s support, so we can put a stop to this, and ultimately, create a world freed from breast cancer.

To celebrate the campaign stay tuned for some of my very own pink themed recipes over the next few weeks!!!





  1. Jenna Hunt says

    I tried to contact you yesterday but received a bounce back email. This is what I sent;

    Good Afternoon Eliza!

    That post is simply amazing. I didn’t realize the connection your family has to the terrible disease and I am so sorry to hear about the traumatic time you have all had. This, combined with your loyal readership and lovely writing style will really help make the debut year of the GPBO a success.

    I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this so much and can’t wait to see your recipes.

    Please stay in touch and let us know if there is anything else you would like to ask or discuss!

    Best wishes

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