Hotel Chocolat: Chocolate Heart Review – Sure to open any heart!

If you want a really special but affordable gift this Valentines then I cannot recommend better than Hotel Chocolat´s “Open your Heart to me” – not only it is a feast for the eyes but, as I have come to expect from Hotel Chocolat, it is a taste experience. Scrummy yummy! I adored the box I received at Christmas but I am afraid they have really surpassed themselves with this delicious treat – its design reminding me strongly of an Easter Egg. The heart itself is made of pure 40% milk chocolate, which would have been a delight in itself, but then it opens to reveal a collection of 8 dreamy chocolates – comprising of milk, dark and white chocolate, delightfully finished with splashes of hot pink and blue. These include velvety praline, silky truffles with vanilla and frisky raspberry, strawberry with black pepper and caramel with mouth tingling chilli.

Its a definite feast for the eyes but nothing compares to the taste of these devine chocolates. They are absolutely unique and form some really dazzling combinations which you may doubt at first but wont after you give them a try. My personal favourite was the strawberry and black pepper heart with the Soft chilli caramel coming an incredibly close second! Here are just a few I have had chance to review to date!

Raspberry Rapture

Described as being a “creamy white chocolate truffle with lots of tangy tongue tingly raspberry”.

This delightful chocolate is both delicate and tangy at the same time – the white chocolate is combined beautifully with just the perfect level of tingly raspberry to make a really delightful chocolate.

Smooth Praline

A melt in the mouth chocolate and hazlenut praline.

A delightful smooth on the palette chocolate -  I always adore pralines from Hotel Chocolat. They are easy to overlook in the box because many of the other chocolates are such unusual and unique flavour combinations – but to do so would do this chocolate an injustice!

Strawberry & Black Pepper

Light strawberry truffle and a pinch of black pepper to bring out the sweetness and add subtle spiciness.

I have to admit in every box I have thus far received from Hotel Chocolat there has been one chocolate which has challenged my preconceptions – in this it was strawberry and black pepper. This is largely because I had the image of Strawberry Creams from my childhood firmly rooted in the corner of my brain – their overbearing sickly sweetness was never of appeal to me. But, once more, Hotel Chocolat provided a new experience which was a delight. Yes, its sweet – its a light strawberry truffle but the touch of black pepper helps to balance out the sweetness with a delightful spice!

Soft Chilli Caramel

Meltingly soft caramel giving way to a mouthwatering chilli kick

I had my previous experience reviewing Hotel Chocolat to know they do the chocolate / chilli combination exceptionally well. This was by far no disapointment – it was a wonderful soft caramel which melted delightfully on the tongue and, just at the very end, there is a delicate kick of warmth from the chilli on your palette.

Vanilla Truffle

A super soft white chocolate truffle with lots of mellow vanilla

This is lovely – its delicate and a definite pleasure to eat. The combination of white chocolate with the mellow vanilla on top is subtle and lovely when encased in the milk chocolate coating.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed these delightful chocolates. I could barely bring myself to break into them as the chocolate heart they were encased in was a work of art in itself. I did though and would recommend them without reservation. If you are resorting to buying your partner some chocolates this Valentines Day then these are the ones I would whole heartedly recommend. They are beautifully packaged, carry the hallmark of quality we have come to attribute to Hotel Chocolat, and represent a real taste experience.

Product Description

Feel the rush of true love as our milk chocolate heart opens up to reveal the dreamy chocolates hidden inside. Our melt-in-the-mouth 40% milk chocolate heart hides a captivating selection of 8 milk, dark and white chocolate hearts, beautifully finished with splashes of hot pink and blue – including velvety praline, silky truffles with vanilla and frisky raspberry, strawberry with black pepper and caramel with mouth tingling chilli.

Buy the Valentines “Open your Heart” for £25.00

Next Day Delivery is available for those of you who have left Valentines day gifts to the last minute – perfect last minute valentines present therefore!

Check out their entire Valentines chocolates range here!

Samples were received for the purposes of this review. No other reward, financial or otherwise, was received in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely that of The Recipe Blog

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