Review: Extra Thick Easter Eggs from Hotel Chocolat

I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy a celebration which encourages the consumption of mass amounts of chocolate such as, just for an example, Easter. For me the chocolate always tastes infinitely nicer than at any other time. Up until discovering Hotel Chocolat a year or so ago I must admit my favourite Easter Eggs usually came from Thorntons. But this weekend changed all that when I got to try the extra thick Easter Eggs from Hotel Chocolat – the one I got to try was the milk chocolate version (made with Hotel Chocolat´s to die for 40% milk chocolate and containing 12 of their assorted mini eggs)

Back when Hotel Chocolat first created these Extra Thick Easter Eggs they were advised by industry experts to make the shell as thin as possible and to place the chocolates around the outside of the egg in order to make the whole thing look larger. Thankfully they took the wise move of going against their advice – made the shell extremely thick and placing the beautiful chocolates on the inside. For me this adds to, and not detracts from, the excitement of opening it up.

The chocolates on the inside received by earliest attention so I will naturally review these first. They were, as I have come to expect from Hotel Chocolat, some of the finest tasting chocolates I have encountered. They may be enjoyed by young and old alike but, for me at least, these are chocolate eggs specifically designed for the adult in mind. The chocolates in the interior are rich and delicious – an assortment of soft caramels, smooth hazelnut pralines, raspberry truffles and more. On the previous occasions I have reviewed Hotel Chocolat´s delicious range there has always been one chocolate which I have adored above all others. This time it was the deliciously fruity Raspberry truffle encased in the most wonderful white chocolate. I have never had a fruity chocolate which has captured the taste of the fruit, in this case Raspberry, quite so well. It was tangy and sweet all at the same time – an absolute delight.

Finally I came to the shell of the Easter Egg – traditionally my most favourite part. Breaking into the gold wrapper I could hardly contain my excitement. It was already clear this egg´s shell was a good deal thicker than any I have had before. They were not exagerating when they named it! So, after breaking off a small portion, I could already tell this was infinitely superior to cheaper eggs. It has that wonderful snap so indicative of good quality milk chocolate – if you break chocolate and dont hear the snap, its definitely a lesser choccie in my mind! The taste was devine. I adore both dark and milk chocolate in equal measures, each gaining preference over the other depending on my mood. But the 40%, for me, is a darker richer and more intense milk chocolate and therefore satisfies both cravings.

These Easter Eggs are definitely ideally suited to the adult market, although I do not doubt they will be equally appreciated by youngsters with tastebuds! At £26.00 for an Extra Thick Egg they wont break the bank either and represent superb value for money. Check out the rest of their Easter chocolate range here – below are some of my other favourites.

Rocky Road to Caramel™ Extra Thick Easter Egg

Rocky Road to Caramel™ Extra Thick Easter Egg- If someone were to buy me an Extra Thick Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat this is the one I would most want. Both half-shells are cast in mellow 40% milk chocolate, with one half-shell studded with crispy puffed rice, cookies and chocolate chunks. The other half-shell with a layer of caramel chocolate over a base of milk chocolate. And inside the dreaminess continues – with praline with cookies, liquid caramel and silky smooth milk chocolate ganache along with solid bunnies and chicks cast in milk and caramel chocolate and more. Just £26.00

The Half and Half Ostrich Easter Egg

The Half and Half Ostrich Easter Egg- If you really have a chocoholic to impress this Easter then you simply have to go with the Ostrich Easter Egg. Over 1kg of chocolate with 29 little chocolates inside. At £70.00 this is the ideal gift for families to share or for that special chocoholic in your life.

The huge shell is cast in 50% milk chocolate blended with lots of nibbly feuilletine pieces, and the other is cast in 70% dark chocolate studded with crunchy almond slices – for the very best of both worlds. This egg is served with an absolutely irresistible collection of 21 milk and dark chocolate recipes, including mellow soft caramels, velvety smooth pralines, silky gianduja truffles and much, much more. With an extra 6 praline-filled Golden Eggs to find hidden inside too!

Raspberry Eton Mess Easter Egg Sandwich

Salted Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich

If you are looking for Easter Eggs for the kiddies in your life check out the following ranges.

Samples were received for the purposes of this review. No other reward, financial or otherwise, was received in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely that of The Recipe Blog

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