Review: Hot Chocolate from Whittard Chelsea

I was recently given the opportunity to sample the superb range of hot chocolates from Whittard´s and to say I was impressed by the sheer range available was but an understatement. I am, I admit, a very committed chocoholic. In fact I believe my relationship with chocolate is the most enduring (and dare I say enjoyable) relationship I have ever had. I jest not (well, maybe a little…)

Either way I have sampled Hot Chocolates from most of the leading firms, but this has to be the longest list I have seen yet!

Amazing isnt it? Its a chocoholics dream! To be honest I havent as yet tried them all but going by my first experiences – of trying Rocky Road Hot Chocolate and White Luxury Hot Chocolate, I will be trying more of them very soon!

Before I do continue I do have one word of caution about their hot chocolates – they are very sweet and, if you dont have a sweet touth, they may be a little too sweet for your tastes. I dont have a sweet touth but really enjoyed them just the same – I admit that, owing to the sheer quantity of sugar added to these drinks, I would only have them as the occasional indulgence. I would have preferred them a little less sweet but I loved the overall flavour.

Advantages: Taste – which is lovely, albeit very sweet

Disadvantages: Lots of sugar and, ultimately, many calories.

Although there is a lot of sugar in this drink it is still considerably more chocolatey than many brand names you will find in your average supermarket. From the moment the powder combines with the milk you get the beautiful and unique white chocolate aroma. At this point you know it is going to be good.

The best thing about the white chocolate version is it is exactly what it claims to be – white chocolate! It differs from milk chocolate in that it has a sweeter and creamier flavour.. When you place a square of solid white chocolate in your mouth, if it’s good white chocolate it will melts quickly and give a creamy texture on your tongue. Naturally the experience the drink gives is much thinner but it does capture the creamy sensation very well.

The Rocky Road was equally good – with its hints of marshmallows, milk chocolate, toffee, cherries, raisins and sultanas. Sadly, liker the former, there was a lot of sugar and many many calories. These are definitely for occasional treats only!


Whittards of Chelsea currently have a 3 for 2 offer on Hot Chocolate and Teas – and, if you are a new customer, you can receive an additional 10% discount with code “WELCOME10″  Enjoy!

Check out their range of Hot Chocolates here – and their range of wonderful teas (which, in my humble opinion, are infinitely superior and considerably less calories!!)

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