Tea Review: Twinings Green Tea

One of my favourite tipples during the course of the day is tea – usually herbal or fruit tea to sooth my jagged nerves. Most of my favourite teas, I have to admit, do indeed come from Twinings, most notably the Camomile and Limeflowers, which is an absolute delight. I was therefore delighted when I was approached by Twinings to give their Green Teas a try as I havent had chance to get around to trying their range yet.

I admit I was a little sceptical about Green Tea. I did try it many years ago from another company and the experience wasnt exactly positive. The tea was unpleasant on my palette and I was left with the distinct impression that Green Tea wasnt something I would care to indulge in too often! Needless to say overtime I became more willing to try it again – hence this review! I was particularly attracted by the Green tears which are infused with other flavours – such as Blueberry & Raspberry, Ginger, Lemon, Cranberry, Jasmine, etc. There are so many green teas I would still be conducting this review if I had tried to sample them all, but given the quality and flavour of those I did try, it is something I would definitely like to do in the future! Anyway, on with the review.

Many people, like myself, have often been put off from drinking Green Tea because of its aroma – which can be quite strong. I did detect this on the previous occasion I sampled green tea but I have to admit this was not my experience with Twinings. There are however some interesting benefits associated with Green Tea which is why I would be so much more willing to add it into my daily beverages now I have discovered Twinings is drinkable!

The secret to Green Tea, as with any tea in fact, is in the brewing. Get this stage wrong and you can effectively ruin the flavour. A good rule of thumb with green tea is to brew for approximately two minutes in boiling water – it must be boiling incidentally, not “just hot”. If you find it too strong, I would suggest trying one minute initially. I tried the lemon infused green tea first – the first thing I noticed about this drink was the lovely lemony smell, which was really was inviting. It has an invigorating quality about it which really helped to lift my spirits. But nothing, I have to say, compared with the flavour which was wonderful and uplighting.

Green tea and Lemon is a very pleasant drink. The taste of lemon takes away the strong green tea flavour which is probably why it appealed so much. It is very zesty and can be drank hot or cold (fabulous served as ice tea!). I will definitely be buying this blend again, as I enjoyed the tea right down to my last sip.

So, if you are a novice to green tea, you might like to try it with another flavour added, such as lemon or honey. It is a required taste, but I have got used to it now, and hope it is doing me some good. Either way it makes me feel great!

Green Tea with Jasmine: Extremely pleasant – In fact I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I love Jasmine Green Tea. It’s light and refreshing. In fact, while the strength reminds me that I’m drinking green tea, the flavor is otherwise closer to that of white tea because of the Jasmine addition. Its the Jasmine flowers which makes this one so very special as they impart a light floral flavor, but one that is subtly sweet rather than heavily perfumed. It’s important to only steep this tea for a minute or two to maintain the clean flavor – otherwise I found it a little strong.

Green Tea with Mint: I adore Mint Tea which is great when my tummy is a little upset so I was prepared for this to be my favourite which, in some respects, it was. Twinings green tea with mint has fresh kick of mint throughout the brew which is just to die for. The green tea has a mellow yet intoxicating flavour which made me feel instantly relaxed and revived. The flavour is a subtle and very easy on the palette, it is very refreshing and very light tasting. Add to this the mint flavour and it becomes a whole new experience. The mint, unlike some of the others I tried, was the dominant flavour in the tea and adds a great kick – and it was an absolute delight as Iced Tea! The beauty of this particular blend is that both green tea and mint flavours are a natural source of antioxidants.

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