Homemade Tomato Frito

In many of my recipes you will often hear me mention using a tomato frito, which we often buy ready made here in Spain. However, in case you do not have this option and would like to try how much richer it makes a dish, please feel free to use the following recipe.

1 kg very ripe tomatoes [or equivalent tinned tomatoes]
3 tbs of olive oil
1 teaspoon sugar
1 medium onion
1 clove garlic (optional)

1. Heat the oil in a frying pan, and gently fry off the chopped onion and garlic for three to four minutes.

2. Peel and chop the tomatoes [try dropping the tomatoes in boiling water for around a minute to make them easier to peel] and then add them to the frying pan [you can use tinned tomatoes in place of fresh ones if you wish].

2. Mash tomatoes, onions and garlic as they cook to help release the flavours. Cook for around 15 mins on a medium heat.

3. Once cooked, take off the heat and liquidise. Season with the salt and sugar.

This sauce is perfect for serving with meatballs, over pasta or even cold with tortilla espanola! Or better still in one of my own recipes ;)


  1. jackie says

    hello -
    during my visit to spain there was often a tomato sauce left on the table that many people used on their toast in the mornings. it was delicious – would this recipe work for that?

  2. Eliza says

    Hi Jackie. Not really. The sauce you refer to is finely sieved fresh tomato traditionally eaten on toast here in Spain. Tomato Frito would not really make an adequate replacement.

  3. Eliza says

    Here is how I do it

    You will need:
    *1/2 Barra (French baguette equivalent)
    *1 Tomato
    *Olive oil

    * Cut the baguette in half lengthways and toast on both sides.
    * Drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil. (Some rub the toast with garlic, also popular beforehand)
    * Push tomato through a fine sieve or mash with a fork-. Spread over bread.
    * Add Salt to taste.

  4. deezul says

    I like this site – some good recipes and advice BUT – when I’m looking at a recipe and elect to use your print button I’d much rather NOt have all the comments included in my print out? Perhaps this might be more user friendly if this oversight was rectified?

    • Eliza says

      Unfortunately the plugin I utilise does not allow for these sort of customisations. In this event I would suggest selecting the recipe and instructions and utilising your inbuilt print selection option.

    • Eliza says

      Just following up on this one. I have now added a print stylesheet which means you should no longer have to worry about misc items being printed off with the recipe :)

  5. Carl says

    I was working in Spain for a year or so and I love trying new foods. One recipe I have not found a good one for the sauce used Arroz ala Cubana. Is this a good sauce for this? Thanks very much.

    • Eliza says

      Hello Carl,

      Thanks for calling by. I actually have a recipe for Arroz a la Cabana which I could share. I am currently living in Spain :)


      • Carl says

        That would be great, the one I really enjoyed was sold at a truck stop cafe. Just simple tomatoe sauce over rice with a fried egg. Sounds simple but trying to get the right sauce is a pain LOL. Thanks very much Eliza

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